Our Story

Engineered cells as medicines

Repairing and controlling genes in cells or replacing missing or damaged cells can solve the underlying cause of many diseases. These emerging capabilities will create novel medicines that meaningfully improve patient outcomes, and Sana aims to lead the way.

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Our Science

New ways to tackle disease

Virtually every human disease begins with cells. At Sana, we understand that each disease is unique, and finding the best treatment requires a deep understanding of its genetic and cellular underpinnings.

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Our Team

Changing medicine takes exceptional people

We are making the discoveries that will change patients’ lives. As a team with expertise ranging from cellular biology to machine learning to development of therapeutics, all of us are dedicated to developing cures for patients.

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Join Us

Striving for cures

The era of engineering cells can deliver unprecedented benefits. We aim to deliver medicines that strike at the heart of disease, meaningfully improve the lives of patients and their families, and are broadly accessible to the people who need them.

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Our Pipeline

Changing the possible for patients

We never lose sight of why our work matters – the potential to impact the lives of patients is important to everyone at Sana. We are advancing a number of innovative drug candidates with the goal of disrupting the possible for patients across a diverse set of diseases.

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