Imagine a world in which it is possible to cure genetically inherited diseases and modify genes to create better therapeutics for acquired diseases. Sana’s in vivo Cell Engineering platform aims to provide solutions for patients that current gene therapies cannot address. Success will require creative science, experienced product and clinical development strategies, and aggregating important technologies.

Successful in vivo Cell Engineering relies on three core components – delivery, gene modification, and execution.

  1. Delivery – the ability to deliver any payload to any cell in a specific, predictable, and repeatable way. Success in each of these inputs unlocks the ability to make meaningfully improved medicines. Sana’s early focus is centered on developing its novel technologies and building internal expertise in this area.

  2. Gene Modification – the ability to gene-edit, base-edit, gene-insert, and control gene expression each has the potential to impact multiple diseases. Sana is focused on building internal expertise in this area and partnering important technologies with others in the field.

  3. Execution – the ability to manufacture a consistent and scaled product, conduct smart clinical trials, and work with all stakeholders is essential for bringing medicines to patients.